Announcement: 16th Annual Beullah Rose Poetry Prize Results

April 25th, 2020

We are pleased to annouce the winners of this year’s Beullah Rose Poetry Prize. All poems appear in Smartish Pace, Issue 27.

First Prize: “Pawnshop” by Daisy Bassen
Second Prize: “New Mother” by Alessandra Simmons
Third Prize : “Caddisfly Larvae” by Farah Marklevits

“Robin’s Egg” by Julia C. Alter
“Field Guide to the Art of Home Survival” by Katy Day
“Multivariate” by Tammi Falkenstein
“Subject and Object” by Ruth Hoberman
“Poem for Nightmares” by C. Talamantez
“Trackside” by L.A. Weeks

Prize Judges: Jocelyn Heath & Traci O’Dea

Smartish Pace
Smartish Pace