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NEW POEMS BY: George Amabile, Amy Bagwell, Daisy Bassen, Todd Boss, Beverly Burch, Rick Bursky, Juliana Chang, Alex Chertok, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Denise Duhamel, William Fargason, Gabriella Fee, Katherine Gaffney, Jason Gray, Rick Hilles, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Bill Hollands, Leah Claire Kaminski, Deborah Keenan, Peter Kent, Jennifer Key, Monica Kim, David Kirby, Matt LaFreniere, Cristina Legarda, Steven Leyva, James Longenbach, Leigh Lucas, Dora Malech, David Mason, Carolyn Miller, Alicia Mountain, Gregory Orr, Alicia Ostriker, Rebecca Patrascu, Teresa Pham-Carsillo, Susan Blackwell Ramsey, Justin Rigamonti, Michael Salcman, Michael Sandler, Lynne Schmidt, Thom Schramm, Natalie Shapero, Felicity Sheehy, Tim Suermondt, Anne-Marie Thompson, Vincent Toro, Letitia Trent, Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto, Julie Marie Wade, Rosanna Warren, Nancy White, Elizabeth Willis, Kelsey Carmody Wort, Aimee Wright Clow, and Liala Zaray. COVER: Chelsea Rowe. DESIGN: Stephen Reichert.