2014 Beullah Rose Poetry Prize

March 9th, 2015

First Prize: Fables from the Petrified Forest—Dawn Manning

Second Prize: Crabbing at Pips, the Old Launch off Hopedale Hwy—Laura Ruffino

Third Prize: Planned Obsolescence—Manissa McCleave Maharawal


Crime Times—Laura Kolbe
A Mother and Child and Four Studies of Her Right Hand—Cynthia Grier Lotze
After the Funeral—Carrie Meadows
The Heat in the Belly—Rachel Nelson
In Autumn, When Things Were Dying—Amy Woschek Schmidt

All poems will be published in Smartish Pace, Issue 22. 

Beullah Rose Poetry Prize Winners

2013: Amie Whittemore
2012: Leah Falk
2011: Jeanne Wagner
2010: Marguerite Thoburn Watkins
2009: Miriam Bird Greenberg
2008: Anne-Marie Thompson
2007: Katy Didden
2006: Claire Keyes
2005: Carry McHugh
2004: Dawn Lonsinger

Prize Judges
Clare Banks
Traci O’Dea

Smartish Pace
Smartish Pace