13th Annual Beullah Rose Poetry Prize

January 16th, 2017

All poems published in Smartish Pace Issue 24. 

First Prize – “The Messy Girl Feels at Home in New Delhi” by Jennifer Koiter
Second Prize – “Letter to Hannah From the Cafeteria During First Lunch at the Art School Where I Teach” by Mamie Morgan
Third Prize – “Body Ghazal” by Asia Calcagno

“Wrecking Wrens” by Tara Bray
“Ode to the Nightshift” by Asia Calcagno
“Snapdragons” by Emily Rose Cole
“Fog Forest” Jennifer Moore
“Safeguard” by Michelle Parker Randall
“The Nature of Love” by Nancy Reddy

Prize Judges: Clare Banks & Traci O’Dea

Smartish Pace
Smartish Pace