SP Pushcart Prize Nominations

December 3rd, 2007

Smartish Pace 2007 Pushcart Prize Nominations (from Issue 14; April 2007)

Nominated by Smartish Pace Editor Stephen Reichert:
Claire Keyes: “At Schuest Point, Easter”
Phillis Levin: “The Museum of Stolen Things”
Lisa Lewis: “Swanky”
Tod Marshall: “What the Age Demanded (Daedelus Receives a Lesson in Excuses from Ezra)”
Kevin McFadden: “A French Statute”
Terence Winch: “Sic Transit Gloria”

Nominated by Pushcart Editor Bob Hicok:
“The January Party” by Jeffrey Pethybridge
“Coyote” by Wendy Videlock
“House Guests” by Terence Winch
“Of Spot, His Little Cloth Dog” by Robert Murphy

One of last year’s nominations, Tony Hoagland’s “Bon Voyage,” was a winner and appears in the current Pushcart anthology.

Smartish Pace
Smartish Pace